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Founded in 1997, Sungrow have become the world’s leading inverter supplier with +$1.86 billion revenue in 2019.

Sungrow's cutting-edge technology for residential, commercial and large-scale energy generation plants utilizes state-of-the-art PV power generation and system integration technologies to harvest and store abundant energy and thus provide clean power for all, today, tomorrow and beyond.


  • Only installed today. However the process to this stage has been stress free. Kudos to Kristi-Lee.

    Russell - Shoalhaven NSW. Australia

  • Firstly i wish to thankyou Finn for your very informative videos, which provided me with the basic information I needed to start on the road to install of a solar system. i did not use your get a quote system, alternately trying to support ...

    Carol - Nowra NSW, Australia

  • Your service provided us with two excellent installers. They were both very difficult to choose between and that reflects upon the careful vetting your service provides. The third quote we got ourselves and it was a very different experienc...

    Dennis - NSW, Australia

  • Professional and down to earth explanation of the product and services provided along with prompt supply and installation. Made the whole process very easy.

    Phil - South Coast NSW, Australia

  • Great people to deal with.
    I HIGHLY recommend them.

    Brett - Nowra NSW, Australia